It never ends, until it does

March 29 2011

I learnt two things a day before yesterday 
1. One doesn't HAVE to be politically correct to succeed. But failure is guaranteed if you're perceived to be too politically incorrect. Perception is belief!

2. We all derive security from the insecurities of others, especially shared insecurities.

Ah! Human nature is so not-infallible, yet so difficult to completely fathom...The art of listening is crucial to deciphering human nature, yet so incomplete. Is thinking such a bad thing then?

Ah! Should I even care?
And again, I HATE the word 'should'.

I realize you can find friends and allies in the unlikeliest of places, especially when life disillusions you from the established pillars of strength. I also know that friends leave me as soon as they get to know me well enough.
Should I keep wandering from pillar to pillar, then, or is there an end?

There's just one truth in life It never ends, until it does.

I know this post sounds orbit, but cmon, it;s 10:30 in the night, and I've an important project tomorrow. I'm not expected to be sane, am I?

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