Is sedation is the answer?

January 9th, 2009



Music pumping in my head.

Obviously, I'm doing this on purpose.

Quite clearly, I am simply thinking the wrong thoughts and should unthink them.

Stupid boy!

(I mean it follows logically, doesn't it, that if I create depression by thinking depressing thoughts, then I also create the wild energy by thinking too many wildly energetic thoughts. And should be able to stop.)

On thursday morning I went back to the dr. I had a OLEANZ and then an hour or so later a Sulpitac and I slept through till five and was spaced and calm all day. In fact, I felt almost quite normal, and life seemed relatively plausible. Perhaps permanent sedation is the answer?

I think the dr is doing a superb job in difficult and pressured circumstances. I don't think I have anything but praise for them.

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