January 21st, 2009

I’m not just sitting around waiting for my medication to work. I have been doing the things that are healthy for me. My therapist and I have had some good sessions of late. I am just not better. I try to will myself better to no avail. The truth is when you are depressed no amount of will power will make it go away. This depression has been so hard. I keep remind myself that it is an illness not a weakness. I tell myself all the other things that seem to help at a time like this. I just can’t shake it. I am so frustrated with myself. I just WANT IT TO GO AWAY.

I get up every day and trudge through work. I am grateful that I am still functional. On the weekends I just crash because I have no energy left. I’m try to be patient and kind to myself.

For all of you out there that know where I am-prayers are wanted.


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