Tamil New Year's Resolutions

January 13th, 2009

I need to stop putting my life on hold.

I need to stop feeling jealous.

I need to stop counting down the hours before it's another day over.

I need to stop searching for reasons.

I need to stop planning what I'll do when "I'm better."

I need to stop expecting sympathy.

I need to stop getting angry when people don't seem to understand.

I need to stop living in limbo.

I need to start living again, whether it's with illness or without. I've written and thought enough times that I don't know how much more of this life I can take. That's because it's not a life - it's an existence, it's surviving. And it's driving me slowly mad. I need to snap out of it and start a proper life. A real life.

And I start tomorrow. These are my (Tamil) New Year's Resolutions.

Wish you all a happy Pongal & Tamil New Year

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