Choosing Loyalty

February 20th, 2009

Nathan Hale, America’s first spy said at the time of his execution, “I regret that I only have but one life to lose for my county.” Now, that is the substance of loyalty. I made a list of the the people I was loyal to. It is quite shallow.

My Samu perima.
My Saravana anna.
My Mom & Dad
My Sridhar anna.
My Vicky.
My Sharmila.
My Therapist, Jayapratha &
P’doc, most certain.
Besides all my family (and I mean immediate here), everyone else is up for grabs. Actually, I had a recent lesson in loyalty. Someone I have done business with for several years made a mistake, an error in judgement. The decision for me was to choose to stay in relationship with this person or seek to abandon. It made for a great learning experience. I recognize that one mistake can destroy the playhouse we have worked hard to build. I also recognize that when a person’s playhouse falls down, even by their own hands, they deserve another chance. My life has spoken this dilemma loudly in many ways. I guess that is why I did not hesitate; yes, not hesitate, when the choice came to leave or stay.

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