Zero Anxiety

February 9th, 2009

When we are depressed or anxious having a good day can do so much for the healing of our suffering minds. We wait and wait, knowing it will eventually come. We fear we are to far gone for us to ever come back. Fortunately in time our conditions improves.

This was a great day for me. Nothing outstanding happen, it was just a day without the ravages of anxiety and depression. I have not had a complete day without anxiety in months. I can just be. I can enjoy my surroundings. I can relax. A day like this does help to cure my mind. It gives me confidence that better days are ahead. I really needed this and am grateful for it. My Thanksgiving has come early. I am quite thankful right now. Sure, there are still things I wish weren’t the way they were, but today I am not allowing them to bother me.

I wish everyone a delightful day!

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