Rules of Disengagement

February 21st, 2009

There are so many times that I need to disengage from conversation, socialization, and any kind of interaction with others. When I am depressed, I just do better when I am by myself. I know, I know isolation is the worst thing for depression. But for me, it is often the time where I can steal away and find comfort within. In order to facilitate this need I have to think of creative ways to gain my freedom from others. Below is a (short) list:

1) Bring a book (or work) to doctor’s appointments. Too many people like to chat there.

2) At church, sit at the back and leave during the final prayer.

3) Caller identification (only pick up for the pdoc’s calls)

4) Avoid eye contact at all times. Even with the dog, he might need to talk.

5) Turn cell phone to “off.” Turn on only when you need to make a call.

6) Drive the car into the garage. Let the garage door down immediately.

7) Check first before getting the mail, look for neighbors.

Excuses for not showing up or going somewhere: (You know, “I’m sorry I can’t come I have a . . .)

Stomach virus
Head lice
Unexplained rash
Deadline at work
Septic tank back up
Sick dog
Up all night with sick dog, need sleep
Checks are bouncing at the bank, need to balance out account
Okay, so the list is not short. But it is my list of “Ways to avoid.” Anyone have any others to add?

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