Between sleep & awake

December 4, 2009

Most people don’t understand what it is like to get lost in
Between sleep and awake. They never understand how
Vast a place, can fit in the space, between your ears, and
How your fears can become your weighty truth. Your life
Can become a nightmare in a minute, and it can happen to
You, because it happened to me, and I used to be you,
Before That Night. I was all of you, I was a normal person.
I had kinks and quirks and I made some stupid mistakes,
But I was just the same as any person on the street.
I could have been your brother, or your son. Or if you
Like, maybe I was your victim. Maybe I was the boy who sat
Next to you on the bus this morning. Maybe I served you in
The pub. Maybe you tried to sell me insurance on the phone
This afternoon. I look no different, I haven’t sprouted another
Head, my hair hasn’t fallen out, I haven’t turned green.
Maybe I’m sitting beside you as you read this. No one could
Ever know just by looking, the pictures in my head.

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