Less Abstract complaints…

December 28th, 2009

- My cellphone Got Stolen (again)!
- One of my new books, that I had not paid for yet, also got stolen!
- The batteries of my mums cellphone are dead and won’t return.
- I’m too broke to buy new ones.
- I’ve had to eat hotel food all week, because nobody is at home.
- Been watching pirate movies alone instead of going to the cinema due to me being broke.
- Still 3 months and 12 days until I at least have the possibility of getting a job that pays… even by selling computers.
- What the f..k… blogspot has a word count… now I’m obsessed… 5180
- I have work tomorrow and I don’t want to!
Oh, life is good. Yay! 175 words!.. damn, I ruined it.

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kavita said...

Not a bad week at all. It actually was one of my best weeks ever. I love “normal” problems.