Personal Victory

December 18th 2009

Wow, I have so many ideas for blogging. But I find myself unable to elaborate. Yesterday I typed continuously on my word processor, but after 2 or 3 hours, I decided to delete the file.

Last week I spent the whole time on bed, doing nothing. I didn’t want to have contact with anyone, I didn’t want to give explanations, I got away from everyone, it’s better that way.

If depression was like going deep in a dark sea of confusion and despair, right now I’m heading back to the surface. But there’s no one waiting for me to come back up. I can’t express how much I wish to have some deep contact with someone now, I want to hug someone and tell them that I have not drown after all! I have a sense of acomplishment I wish to share…

I don’t feel bad, after all, I know that this is something that matters to me and to me only.

And it’s still a happy moment, as sad as this post seems to sound.

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