I’ve stopped...

December 29th, 2009

I’ve stopped trying to be things I am not.
I stopped thinking my mind worked different ways than the rest of the humans. I feel normal even by being a weirdo. Most of the times…
I don’t feel as a loner as much as I used to. I learned to adapt to other people being different and enjoy my time with them, otherwise just get away, not linger while wondering “why I’m such a weirdo I can’t get along with them”.
I stopped feeling bad because I enjoyed being alone.
I stopped trying to make everyone happy just so I could fit.
I don’t feel ashamed of my flaws as often as I used to.
I’ve stopped being scared when “euthymic“.
I’ve stopped losing weight!.
I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my new home.
I’ve became a full  agnostic instead of atheist.

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