Self appraisal form

December 12, 2009

Had to fill my self appraisal form for the year 2009.

It’s very difficult to say what is your strength and weakness are.

But I had to do it. I do not want to show my weakness, which

others is yet to be aware of.

To fill the form, I made a list of tasks/acheivements and later

edited it for clarity. Few of the questions I asked in the process are:

1. What are my specific acheivements?
2. What are my critical skills in my business?
3. What are the developments that I had when compared to
previous year?
4. What are new skills, process that I learned ?
5. Did I hinder any tasks?
6. Did I volunteer to additional tasks and responsibilty?
7. What are the new capabilities that I need to carry out my
current and future tasks?
8. About my communication skills?
9. What kind of influence I had on my team?
10. What are the skills that I lack?
11. My dedication and punctuality.
12. Did I acheive my previous year goals?
13. How could I improve?
14. How could I prove?
15. What are my goals for this new year?


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