Meme One

December 16th, 2009

i am : sitting, breathing and doing nothing particularly productive except
pushing my deconditioning syndrome to further levels.
i think : a lot, but I am 3 brains short of what I could be thinking if I could
get them. And then I’d go nuts.
i know : how to react with peoples.
i want : to have an all countries visa to go everywhere.
i have : good thoughts.
i wish : i want my anipra back.
i hate : beans.
i miss : being with anipra.
i fear : the moment right before dying, and worms.
i feel : relaxed
i hear : myself typing… there am I! And there am I again! And… well, just
now,“Air on G string” started. I adore that song.
i smell : Nothing whatsoever.
i crave : Pollution.
i search: for… um. Nothing.
i wonder: How to answer the question above.
i regret :I usually don’t regret things. Right now I can’t think of anything.
i love : my new home(my room).
i ache : my eyes.
i care : about learning more and more about everything.
i always: sleeping short only(4/24hrs).
i am not: a liar.
i believe: that not drinking water for a few days can kill you.
i dance : pretty not well.
i sing : under the rain
i cry : sometimes
i don’t always: show up on time.
i fight : with my closest friends.
i write : in a second language.
i win : Nothing … ?
i lose : most things in my life and I carry! because I can’t pay attention to
what I’m holding.
i never : have manners when eating
i confuse: right from left.
i listen : to music in my random “AR RAHMAN” playlist in iTunes.
i can usually be found: in front of the computer. (See Bloggers in the
Animal world, coming soon)
i am scared: of darkness? I still think something might come up from
there, and then it would mean I’ve finally lost my mind.
i need : ice creams… and peace.
i am happy about: feeling better.

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remarks: very funny, especially bloggers in animal world bit. a good read!