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December 26th, 2009

The blog sucks lately.  I have like 9 drafts with random crap.  I can’t keep my focus long enough to even read the blogs I used to lose myself into (sorry).

What I have been doing:

Sleeping a lot in the day.
Doing very short term tasks like running a couple of errands every now and then, nothing compromising.
Avoiding my own conscience.
Avoiding showing my concerns because that’d make people start talking about things that will bring out my conscience.
Avoiding, avoiding, avoiding.  Go away conscience.
Being online a lot talking to one or two really cool people.
Not taking medication which results in weird moods (I’m crying and 30 mins later I’m laughing for no reason), I act strange, the medication kept my sex drive at zero so now that I’m off it I’m like in the opposite side. (sorry, too much information); my sleeping patterns are insane (it’s 9pm - 8 am I haven’t slept a bit).
Not being that good at avoiding own conscience.
Learning how to memorize a 26 digit number successfully, then becoming able to get the cube root of any number using that number. No not that impressive, it was a you tube video.  It’s an easy task actually.
Having fun and laughing a lot.
Daydreaming just too much.
Dying my hair blonde but didn’t pick up so I’m still a brunette.
Thinking how cool it is that my eyes are made of chocolate.
Watching the dark knight for the fifth time.
Not caring much about grammar (clearly).
Being a time bomb machine ready to explode and disassemble my brain every time a serious situation arises.
Reading short stories that I print out.
Eating chicken a lot (and that’s all the healthy food I eat)
Being really bad at avoiding over-thinking brain.
Making posts that will make people unconfortable when they read them.
That’s pretty much it… yeah.

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depressed human said...

I’ve HAD to plan ahead.

You blog isn’t “sucking” anything darlin’. It’s just dandy. Like Meryine said, not everyone has constant inspiration etc etc ALL of the time. you’re allowed a rest. Take care