If I treated me…

December 15th, 2009

…the way I treat myself…

I would shout insults at him more than once a day.
I would pull his hair and occasionally bang his head against a wall to make him stop thinking so many stupid things.
I would interfere with his work until he’s completely unable to do it. Then I’d make jokes about his incompetence.
Every now and then, I would keep him in a locked space without even allowing him to do anything.
Every time something goes wrong in his life, I would nag him with comments about his worthlessness, all day, all week until something else distracts me.
I would blame him of absolutely everything that goes wrong.
I would tell him he doesn't deserve to have any friends because he annoys them to death.
I would take away his hope.
I would tell him that his existance is pointless.
Even more, I would constantly threaten to kill him.
I kind of like him, and sometimes I’m good with him, but after all of this,

why is he still hanging out with me?

Being hard on yourself sometimes can have benefits, if you’re talking about things like discipline and self control, but this is crazy, it’s completely counterproductive.

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