10 Yay! Things During Work In My Office

January 24 2010

10. Reaching work 10 minutes early with a sweet parking spot. Enough time to pick up my laundry if I need to do that… Yay!

9. Dad has not arrived at work because he’s meeting a person and is only due back at the office after lunch… Yay!

8. Surly competitor who is next to my showroom is on leave and I get the whole business to myself… Yay!

7. Reading all the sections of the magazines in a leisurely manner because dad is not in… Yay!

6. Going on Facebook the whole morning without feeling guilty… Yay!

5. Have a small task to do and have completed it before dad returns so I get to pretend I actually worked while he was away… Yay!

4. Lunchtime comes early because dad left for lunch early so I get the whole office to myself while I eat my lunch packed from non vegetarian hotel… Yay!

3. Taking a power nap after lunch because it’s very nice to rest a bit in a dark, quiet office… Yay!

2. Dad hasn’t reached office yet after lunch and power nap gets extended… Yay!

1. I wake up and realise it’s a dream… it’s Sunday morning and I don’t have to work for the rest of the afternoon of that dream. YAY!


pooja said...

Yay! I like the cheery prabhu here!! I love the dream part the best!! Good one prabhu!!! Just hoping you did not stop napping Friday afternoon and woke up Sat morning!! Just kidding

kavitha said...

its always good to feed your temptations …ah dreams …..whatever
optimistic ( look somebody is listening to us ) keep up the high spirits

pranav said...

hahaha…. now THAT made me smile.