Counting My Blessings

January 8 2010

I've been whining rather a lot lately. I do think it’s justified, but it’s still not very nice all the same.  While life is not the best right now, there are some things I’m very grateful for:

1. Life at home is largely peaceful. Maybe because I’m hardly home that I hardly have an opportunity to pick a fight  but anyway it’s a good thing that home is my sanctuary, especially since this is where I…

2. Meet friends I can’t see in person. I am, of course, referring to my blog buddies, particularly those who have been vocal and showing their concern during my difficult time at present. You guys remind me that I’m not a total failure.

3. Relatives who take time to see me every now and then. They too remind me that the person that I am is liked by them. I don’t see them often now but when I do, it’s like I’ve just seen them yesterday. Special mention goes to Vicky for being my text message buddy during every single work day… in a month we exchange about nearly a thousand text messages! Thankfully it only costs a coin to send one so the bill comes up to less than RS 10.

4. My books, they are my inanimate saviours; when there’s no one I can count on at that moment in time, my books will always be there, waiting.

5. My hug counter. I wish I can see who ‘hugs’ me there… but I guess who does it doesn’t really matter. Whenever I see the increase in the number of hugs, I feel the lurve.

6. Lastly, I’m so grateful I can blog. It’s my everything. I express myself here, I make friends here, I learn about myself here, I gain wisdom here, I try to make myself a better person here. I feel happy here, I feel loved here, I feel I can do anything I set my heart to here.


kavitha said...

Something my mum keeps telling me….to count my blessings. She says I would be surprised how much I have to be thankful for! nice post

krishna said...

I like this post. Counting blessings is something that’s worth doing, but people don’t do it all that often.

It’s nice to have a home where you can feel peaceful and safe.