A Single Life Looks More Attractive From This Point of View

January 15 2010

 There is talk of marriage in the house. Some people want to get married. Other people do not want some people to get married. So soon, at least. Among the questions thrown into this issue by several people are:

1. Does the future son/daughter-in-law make you feel proud for entering the family?
2. What has he/she to offer as a spouse to your child?
3. Are they financially capable to get married?

The third question was one of the main reasons the impending marriage was objected by other people. They are currently engaged, and planned to get married in a few months’ time because it is considered an auspicious time to get married – Tamil beliefs and all that.

That’s a fair reason. While marriages can work without a strong financial background, it would make life much easier if you do.

The second question isn’t really directed at the couple in mind, but just a question thrown into the discussion about them. It got me thinking, though. I’d like to get married if I find the right girl. But do I have anything to offer?

I can’t be lovable. I’m quite reserved. While I love babies, sometimes I can’t help but spank them. I’m extremely moody at times. I’m not very presentable; you can take me to your emergency, but not your dinner. I’m not very sociable either; my conversation skills are atrocious outside of the blog.

The first question also hit me at home. What it meant to the people who uttered the question during the discussion was that, is the girl/guy presentable enough to be presented as your daughter/son-in-law during the wedding reception?

Am I too strange for my future parents-in-law? Am I presentable enough because I don’t want to be a mushroom? Would my future parents-in-law feel ashamed of the way I look odd? Would my own family think I’m “too strange” to be presented as a groom?? (As a matter of fact, they do think I’m strange already.)

I thought marriage is a union between two people. It’s more than that. You’re not just creating your own family. You’re joining another family. And you have to meet their expectations as a spouse for their child.
If you don’t, you won’t be accepted into the family.

I already got wounded by this . Will it work?

So …

I don’t think I want to get married. Because she is still in my heart.:(

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