Who makes you really angry?

January 17 2010

1. Arrogant drivers – they make a mistake on the road and they give you a murderous look for pointing that out, as if you’re in the wrong for doing that

2. Irresponsible students who don’t pay back their study loans – they’re given financial assistance to pursue higher education and a chance at a better life, and are ingrate bastards for not paying back their loan when they have graduated and got their better lives. Even worse are those who have guarantors for their loans, and the poor guarantors suffers. Scum of the earth, really.

3. Old, cranky, inconsiderate teachers – who are impatient, hate students asking questions, refuse to admit their mistakes, pick on certain students to make their lives hell while in that class.

4. Two-faced people who treat you nice – and still insist on being nice to you even when you’re being standoffish with them. Give it up.

5. People who need to be told numerous times to return something they borrowed from you – ’nuff said of these stupid, annoying people who take their own sweet time to used the borrowed item and not even a courtesy note to say this will take a while, hope you don’t mind me borrowing it so long.

6. Persons who see verbal abuse as constructive criticism – just because you’re emotionally frustrated is no reason to make everybody else unhappy too.

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kavitha said...

i can soo relate to ur post! esepcially 1,3 and 4 ….

ahh hate teachers who cant admit they’ve made a mistake…or once that have a problem admittin that they actually dont know something!!