Conversations With My Mirror

January 10 2010

Conversation 1
Damn, you look good!
Yeah, you look good under that lighting.
Hmm, now that you mention it, I do look quite nice…
Pity you’re at home, though. Who’s gonna appreciate that?
Yeah. Why can’t I look good like this when I’m outside?

Conversation 2
Oh my god, you look horrendous.
Tell me something I don’t know…
Well, I can’t help it. It’s just too horrendous not to mention. It’s amazing you can look like this. I can’t believe all those guys who used to like you actually like this.
F.... off.
*shrugs* It’s the truth. You know it.

Conversation 3
You know, you’re not really all that bad-looking.
No wonder you hate taking pictures. They don’t look like how you look now most of the time!
Really. On your own you look half-decent. It’s only when you’re with other boys that your plainness is really telling.

I mean, I've seen uglier boys than you having girlfriends or having families, so God knows it’s not that you’re too ugly to have a married life.
You could definitely lose a few pounds, of course. I’m sure that will help.
I think I should break this mirror. That would be a great start to my self-esteem!

What’s your conversation like?


kavitha said...

My mirror just cracks when I look into it…

krishna said...

I have even stopped looking into a mirror myself! Others don’t usually comment ever, if they do it goes..oh u lost weight! but loads more to go I suppose…or you have become dark! Too much of sun?!

pranav said...

Mirror: Damn, you look good — why don’t you have a girlfriend again?

Me: I have high standards.

kavitha said...

Mirror: Such swollen eyes. People would think u cried all night.

Me: Huh. u know its due to waking up so early in morning.

Mirror: Getting lil plump are we?

Me: No I’m constant.

My mirror doesnt talk much. I dont let it