Is procrastination as bad as it sounds?

January 12 2010

Procrastinator Creed
Source: Nigel Mendez Procrastinator’s Creed

1. I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
2. I shall never move quickly, except to avoid more work or find excuses.
3. I shall never rush a job without a lifetime of consideration.
4. I shall meet all of my deadlines directly in proportion to the amount of bodily injury I could expect to receive from missing them.
5. I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the chance to create new technologies, make astounding discoveries, and get a reprieve from my obligations.
6. I truly believe all deadlines are impossible to meet regardless of the amount of time given.
7. I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind.
8. I know that the cycle of work is not to plan/start/finish, but to wait/plan/plan.
9. I will never put off until tomorrow what I can forget to do forever.


kavitha said...

Procrastination is sometimes good (when you have lecturers who change essay requirements here and there all the time). I procrastinate like my life depended on it.

pooja said...

Ohh, hahahahha I love # 4. I say that in a daily basis!

Along with

“Never do Today, what you can put off till Tomorrow”