Five Things

January 4 2010

5 Things Found in your Bag
My cell phone (Was going to make this a photo blog, but the batteries are dead)
My i pod
Splash White Rose Scent (environment too hot, not enough time for more than one shower a day)
My books (at present motor cycle dairies
Lots of pens

5 Favourite Things in your Room
My oval clock
My computer with speaker system
My 22 year old color tv
My anything-goes-here box.
The ceiling is very pretty. I know because half of my life I spend lying down looking at it.

5 Things you have always wanted to do
Travel everywhere in the world to see everything worth seeing.
Sky diving
Have enough time to just be a geek without worrying about supporting myself financially.
Read lots of books
Gain acting skills

5 things you are currently into
My Blog
The Medication
Reading Motor Cycle Diaries
Taking photos

5 people you want to tag
Hmm… Everybody else has been already tagged it seems.

If you don’t want to add garbage to your own blog, you can reply right here. Or you might not want to reply at all! :)

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