Any vacancies in your company?

January 14 2010

Prabhu Pepsi Pvt Ltd
Company Profile: A small up-and-coming company with businesses dealing mainly with computer accessories, online publishing (ie blogging), communications (ie relationships), and food & beverage (ie eating).

Vacancy status for all positions in company

Welfare Department (ie People Who Feed, Cloth and Care for prabhu)
- 2 permanent full-time staff (Mum & Dad)

Purchasing / Procurement Department (ie People Who are Shopping Buddies)
- 1 part-time partner (guru), full-time position vacant

Human Relations Department (ie People Who Give & Receive Hugs & Kisses to & from prabhu)
- 3 part-time staff (Krithi, Kavin & Charan), full-time position vacant

Communications Department (ie People Who are prabhu’s Online Friends, for example Commenters in Blog)
- 1 staff on sabbatical leave (kavitha), several full-time staff (satya, pooja, etc), many part-time staff (krishna, pranav, anjali, and unknown), position always available for jobseekers

Stand-by Staff for Miscellaneous Appointments (ie People Who Can Have Dinner or Watch Movie At a Moment’s Notice)
- Vacant, currently relying on temp agency (guru, sarav)

Telephone Operator / Stand-by Staff for Emergency Backup (ie People to Call at 2AM When Suffering from Emotional Breakdown)
- nobody qualified from temp agency or other sources, vacant and urgently needed!

Is your company understaffed too? It’s really hard to find good employees nowadays, yeah?

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krishna said...

Ha ha, Its the opposite here.
Just couple of days the company that I work for, gave the pink slip to a lot of people.
Disappointment all around, people who were in the company for like 10-15 years were asked to leave, it was out of the blue.
I guess they all can contact you.