What’s your ideal way to die?

January 18 2010

I would like to die a swift, sudden, unexpected, painless death, but am thinking a little differently now. Still want to die as painlessly possible, but would like time before dying; some slow, terminal disease would not be a bad option if no pain is involved (am thinking of possibly fantastical powers of painkillers). At least would have an indication of how many days have left in life, so that can sort out who to give what, what grudges to resolve, which people to spend most time with, what things can stop doing happily, etc etc.
Indulge in your morbid fantasies, don’t snort at how impossible or unlikely it is.


krishna said...

By sudden gunshot or quietly drowning, that’s mine. Not exciting as Saddm’s, but still.

pooja said...

Ask me again in a millennium or two and maybe I will have made a decision by then.