Do you believe in The One?

January 16 2010

Everyone hopes they will find The One. The perfect soul mate to spend the rest of their lives with. That one special person out there that’s supposed to be the perfect match for you.

The One is a concept that symbolises your true love is predetermined by some higher powers. That you are two halves of one soul, going through the paths of life to be reunited.

How can you tell if you’ve found The One? Some say you’ll feel in your heart when you do. Some people rely on significant moments in their courtship to confirm that that’s The One.

So along the way, in your search of The One, you love and leave many people whom you thought was The One, only to realise you were wrong. You may not even know for sure if The One for you is out there.

As for self, there is no such thing as The One. To self, The One is not chosen by the powers that be, it is a choice that am making to have that person to be The One. It would be a commitment am making to devote self to that person for the rest of self’s life. The relationship is not meant to be, it is made to be. To self, there is no higher compliment than knowing the person you love is there because that person wants to and made that commitment, and not because the person is making come true what was preordained. (This is taken for granted that the person does indeed love you to begin with, hence the voluntary commitment.)

Perhaps this perspective has glaring flaws; feel free to explore those points with self in the comments.


asuka said...

This is a very interesting question. What is love? What is the inner commitment necessary to love some body else in an enduring way. Do we find it or do we make it happen.? All I can tell you is that with age these questions do not get any easier and the answers do not get any clearer. We all just do our best to enjoy the journey somehow. But it is thought provoking stuff from prabhu:)

kavitha said...

Hehe interesting. I don’t think I believe in “The One” as “My soulmate is out there, all I need to do is find him and it’ll be perfect”.