What does premarital sex mean to you?

January 17 2010

Do you believe in premarital sex?
Do you advocate premarital sex?
Would you have premarital sex if the chance was presented to you?
Is it wrong to have premarital sex?
Why do people who did not have premarital sex say ‘it’s worth it’ to wait until marital sex?
Is there a difference between premarital and marital sex (with the same partner)?


pooja said...

Well, faith came from experience. Many are raised in religious pattern but building our own beliefs isn’t something you can do at the very beginning of your life…

asuka said...

I believe in premarital sex … because it happens? (Strange question there.)
I cannot advocate it to people who are totally turned off by the idea. I think it’s a personal choice there, so I won’t tell people what to do.