What abuse are you against?


January 11 2010

The blogger is against emotional abuse. The scars which this abuse leaves cannot be seen and its true damage cannot be determined. A victim who has been emotionally abused can bear the wounds for life. It can affect the way the victim lives his or her life and the way he or she views the world.

Emotional abuse is quite underrated compared to other visually brutal types of abuse or substance abuse. Emotional abuse can happen to anyone at anytime, even without the abuser realising he or she is committing it. That’s why the blogger has chosen to blog about this abuse.

What abuse are you against?


pooja said...

I agree. I feel strongly about this. Its the mental damage that is the worst. Even if the abuse is physical. But if its not ot can be very painful indeed for the child. And the scars do not heal.

kavitha said...

your awesome! sadly..I’m just learning about Bloggers Unite day… im out of touch. but a good cause indeed.