Lost in English…

January 25 2010

I have seen an episode of Lost the famous tv series, in English. I have seen already all the first series in English as a language exercise. I thought I was able to understand almost all the dialog this time, but I wasn’t. Sometime I can forget that that sound is a meaningfull word. It sound to me just a sound, not a unknown word. I have got the story obviously … ( also because I can find a transcription on the internet  ) but I get frustrated. Do I never understand English ? I have to confess that I have stopped my english study. I have to do something else and it’s not easy. I feel a bit useless… what can I do ? a lots… and nothing. I can’t speak English

No, I don’t give up.
I will find a new way.
I will understand Lost in English.

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asuka said...

I think you have a good english knowledge