Prabhu looks like”

January 3 2010

I tried it because I was bored… but the results made me giggle

  1. PRABHU looks like a boy who knows what he’s doing
  2. PRABHU need to shut up because PRABHU looks like he’s going to kill me
  3. PRABHU looks like a dream come true
  4. PRABHU looks like a teenaged Asian.
  5. PRABHU looks like he’s going to give those naughty girls a stern talking to.
  6. PRABHU looks like he could take on just about anybody..
  7. PRABHU looks like he could touch you and you’d burst into flames he’s so freak in bravvvvvve!!!!
  8. I think PRABHU looks like a monkey. His face is strange looking.
  9. PRABHU looks like he would be the grown up version of the boy in U'Luvka vodka Factory.
  10. PRABHU looks like he works in an Indian farm. he’s known to be a ho and that’s why she likes him.
  11. PRABHU…looks(talks) like a Doctor.
  12. PRABHU looks like a badly wrapped Christmas gift
  13. PRABHU looks like he’s really flexible.
  14. PRABHU looks like he hasn’t eaten for days.
  15. PRABHU looks like a “fake” man.
  16. PRABHU looks like he will soon be on the next cover of business today.
  17. PRABHU looks like something you’d see either on the ice or in a ballroom.
  18. PRABHU looks like a blow-up doll. (I actually got this some days ago because of a funny picture.)
  19. PRABHU looks like any other boy, except that he comes from Venus. PRABHU can do magic with   one twirl of his finger.
  20. PRABHU looks like a 7 year old child.
  21. PRABHU looks like a Indian soldier.
  22. PRABHU looks like a musketeer with long hair.
  23. PRABHU looks like a man so hideous and scary.
  24. PRABHU looks like he’s been run over by a truck.

PRABHU Looks like this:
In Japanese.

And finally…

    25.  PRABHU looks like he is ready for bed.


Kavitha said...

Well, it helps much to be named like one celebrity or two. People are always saying harsh stuff about celebrities. I’m surprised you even found material for this.

I’m also surprised about your comment. It’s unusually short and non deep.

Awesome. HAHA.

depressed human said...

”PRABHU looks like a marvel character.”
-”PRABHU looks like he has something to say, very surprised.”
-”PRABHU looks like Jesus these days, true story.”
-”PRABHU looks like the Diablo.”
-”PRABHU looks like walking death.”
-”PRABHU looks like a Turtle in green. He has got to stop wearing green.”

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