How do you know when you’re really old?

January 21 2010

Top Ten Signs You’re Old
1. You talk about the past. More and more.
2. You lecture the young ‘uns like there’s no tomorrow.
3. You have at least one or two idiosyncrasies.
4. You’re somewhat paranoid.
5. You develop an optismistic approach to nagging – you tirelessly do so in the skewed belief one day your whining will be drummed into the heads of the nagged and perform the miracle you’ve been nagging for the past century.
6. You’re not afraid of the fashion police anymore.
7. You shamelessly use the “I’m old, givvus some respect!” card for sympathy when a youth is rude to you.
8. You chew with your mouth open. (You think you don’t…)
9. You’re always right. (When you’re wrong, you just change the subject.)
10. They’re always wrong. (When they’re right, you just change the subject.)

Oh no, am already committing more than half on the list. Gahhh!!!


kavitha said...

I will have to agree on 1 and 4 and am a bit partial to 9 and 10… hehe!

I don’t like getting old. I always tell people that my heart feels like a 12 year old but my mentality is that of a 24-year-old who is going through a mid-youth life crisis…

asuka said...

Yes on 1,2,3,4 and a partial yes on 9. Thankfully, the yeses stopped there. I was getting worried .