What are the best smells in the world?

January 12 2010
Off the top of self’s head:

1. A baby’s smell
2. One’s significant other’s smell
3. Chocolate
4. Freshly steamed Briyani
5. Freshly cut fruits like lemon and orange
6. Freshly shampooed hair
7. Pure Petrol
8. Freshly minted money
9. One’s own smelly pillow
10. Old books (some old books smell pretty nasty, though)

What smells do you love?
Ate some pretty greasy fried rice at adyar anandha bhavan that must have some special ingredient, because am now having the most sexeh SPB's voice ever! Sore throat always make self sound good!


krishna said...

I love new stuff smells. Like: new book smell, new shoe smell, new car smell, and so on. I love the scent of chocolate, and the ocean.

kavitha said...

lavender, heliotrope (almost chocolate), roses, lilies

pranav said...

Yes I practice aromatherapy. And we heat our home with an airtight woodstove.

I love the smell of cedar tress. I love the smell of wet grass. And I love the smell of my lover … that’s enough of that … lol