What are the 100 things you want to do before you die?

January 6 2010

First: click on the linkand move your mouse up and down the picture.

Nice, isn’t it?

This list took more than a month to be compiled.

1. Australia
2. Argentina
3. Cuba
4. United States of America
5. Thailand
6. Singapore
7. Hong Kong
8. England
9. New Zealand
10. Canada
11. Ireland
12. Portugal

13. The Eiffel Tower
14. The Louvre
15. The up-and-coming Harry Potter theme park
16. Disneyland
17. New York Central Park
18. Old Trafford
19. The English countryside
20. A castle
21. Petronas Twin Towers skybridge
22. Hyde Park
23. Cliff overlooking a sea
24. An amazing library overseas

25. Have the most mind-blowing sex (which is different than mere having sex itself)
26. Bungee jump
27. Zorbing
28. Snorkelling / scuba diving
29. Make a snow angel with real snow
30. Make a snowman with real snow
31. Ski
32. Ice-skate on non-man made ice
33. Backpack around Europe with a friend
34. Kiss in the rain
35. Learn Spanish
36. Go up to a real tree house
37. Sit at the top of a London double-decker bus
38. Attend a World Cup match
39. Ride on a desert safari
40. Learn to make coffees / ice creams
41. Learn to cook good pasta
42. Play a board game in front of a fireplace with a bunch of friends
43. Get a tattoo
44. Hot-air balloon ride with Anipra
45. Have a really happy birthday (as opposed to those past mundane ones)
46. Learn to play the piano
47. Watch again absolute favorite movie of all time, Before Sunrise and sequel Before Sunset
48. Go on a sea trip
49. Feed a deer
50. Sit on an open cable car (the kind used to transport people up the hill)
51. Milk a cow (seriously)

52. Find a job that would truly love, enjoy doing and excel at
53. Start up own computer business store
54. Work with a really good boss
55. Work as a teacher / tutor just to know what it’s like
56. Work in a bookshop
57. Write an article to appear in some print media just to know what it’s like
58. Study for a Masters degree, if financially able
59. Work during the graveyard shift, just to know what it’s like
60. Be interviewed like a pseudo-celebrity

Acceptable language proficiency in
61. French
62. Spanish
63. Hindi
64. Portuguese

65. Authentic Karaikudi cuisine - Chicken gravy, mutton fry, fish toast
66. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper
67. Authentic English tea – scones, spotted dick, blancmange, the works
68. Authentic French cuisine – crêpes, crême brulée, foie gras, even escargot
69. Cheese pizza
70. A Krispy Kreme doughnut
71. A Black forest dessert
72. To drink as many alcoholic drinks on the face of this earth at least once
73. Eat again that black pepper-ish cheese ate years ago at a buffet but don’t know what the name is

74. Own a apple i phone
75. Own a Coach bag
76. Own a Sony product
77. Own self’s own house / condominium
78. Own a car
79. Own a sofabed
80. Have a proper bookshelf set up for all self’s favourite books
81. Own an autographed copy of a novel that self like
82. Own a digital camera
83. Own a passport with many pages stamped
84. Own a pair of Nike poggio that doesn’t hurt feet
85. Own a cisco t-shirt 
86. Own a genuine che guevara t-shirt
87. Own a bathtub! 
88. Own a suit!
89. Own a piece of platinum 

90. Adopt a child, if financially and emotionally capable
91. Have one lifelong friend and confidant
92. Have one shopping partner
93. Have one jogging partner
94. Have one lifelong cyber friend
95. Keep in touch with college mates
96. Have a relationship that would last longer than five year (if not a lifetime!)
97. Reveal this blog to someone who can really appreciate it
98. Have anipra read the book have written about her for a project
99. Bump into _ex and feel better about the encounter than she did
100. To have someone who looks to self as a confidant, lover and friend

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krishna said...

well…all the best for all this to come true.

pooja said...

Hi I’ve already done 2, 13, 14 and some more …absolutely agree with you on 47…and you are most welcome to do 11 …came to your blog through a friend’s…anyway best luck to do all this!

kavitha said...

*99. Bump into ex and feel better about the encounter than she did* ROFL !

Gosh! Some list, i say!

asuka said...

thats an interestin list u’ve got there ! must have taken u a long time to work that out. hope u get to do them all